Club Subversion was one of London's top fetish clubs and ran from 2004 - 2018

Originally launched by Mistress Absolute, Mistress Kate and bobette with the first event selling out it continued from strength to strength despite the many venue issues over the years. Mistress Kate bowed out if the organisation due to work and family commitments after a year or so ad Mistress Absolute and bobette took the helm. Club Subversion spawned many spin off events including Subversion Mansion, Subversion Boudoir and its most popular 'sub' version; Subversion Noir. The decision to finish Club Subversion was made after the terminal cancer diagnosis of Dave Playpenz. Dave was a dungeon furniture maker and supplier of kit for 12 of Subversions 14 glorious years and there was no way that the Club Subversion would ever be the same without him. The last Cub Subversion was on November 23rd and Dave was determined to make it to the last event. He did make it but sadly passed away just two days later on 25th November. He is greatly missed.

This holding page for the club will remain up as a tribute to him and everything he was to the Club Subversion team, to all those who attended the club, to anyone played on his furniture and for those lucky enough to make his acquaintance.

For the reasons above we would ask that if you are looking for a name to use for anything fetish related, be it a club or event or even a brand name, Subversion is one you avoid for the foreseeable future. Many thanks

Mistress Absolute & bobette

Should you wish to view any of the flyers or photographs from the event they are now held in the Archive at the Bishopsgate Institute which is a publicly accessible collection of paraphernalia charting the history of kink and fetish in the UK.