Q. Do I have to be a member to get in?
A.  No! For all Subversion events you do NOT have to be a member – everyone (as long as you are dressed in fetish gear) is welcome.
Q. Do I have to bring ID?
A.  Club Subversion = YES – Crystals requires guests to bring photo ID – in the absence of serious incident, data will only be kept for 31 days. no one is interested in who you are unless you are involved in an incident that the authorities are called out to or unless you have been causing or involved in similar incidents in other venues. Most late night venues in London are required to ask for ID and its only a matter of time before it becomes standard practice like it is in the USA. No photo ID? its easy and cheap to get a widely recognised form of ID – see https://www.citizencard.com/ or https://www.validateuk.co.uk Any other Subversion events are dependent on the venue so please check individual listings and remember its better to bring ID with you than not!
Q. I lost something at Subversion – who do I contact?
A. Most things that are lost at Subversion turn up – or call us on 07746 418276 or email info@subversion.club
Q. I am a single male. Will I get in and am I welcome?
A.  As long as you are in dresscode and are polite and respectful….NO WANKING is allowed. Although we have resident Mistresses and subs, do not expect anyone to play. They are volunteering their time. If you want a Mistress to guarantee you play we suggest you hire a professional.
Q. I ordered my tickets and they have not arrived. What now?
A. All tickets are electronic and sent to you via email which you should print out and bring with you or sent to your mobile phone. If you can’t find your tickets to go to the Eventbrite site where you can simply put in your email address and have them re-sent to your email inbox
Q. What shows up on my statement when I buy tickets over the internet?
A. Online orders will show up as EB* Club Subversion
Q. Do you have a dresscode?
A. Yes and we are strict on the dresscode for all Subversion events as we find that if everyone makes the effort it makes for a better atmosphere. No Fetish clothing will mean you will be turned away at the door and if you manage to get in there are no refunds if you are challenged about dresscode and asked to leave. All black cotton is not acceptable. Subversion is a fun dress up event and we love you to get creative as long as its not a bog standard ‘fancy dress’ outfit (keep it kinky) – if you are in doubt email a picture of yourself in the outfit (max@nixnet.com).
Q. Is there parking nearby?
A. Club Subversion – Yes –but its limited…. there is some free parking in the area around the club but do check signs carefully. Other events – check the individual listings
Q. Is the venue wheelchair friendly?
A.  Unfortunately the current Subversion venue is not wheelchair friendly. We do try and find venues that are accessible for everyone but at this time the limited availability of London has meant our options are limited. Other events – check the individual listings
Q. Can I get changed at the venue?
A. Yes
Q.Is there a cloakroom?
A. Yes there is a secure cloakroom at the venue
Q. Can I have sex at Subversion
A.  Subversion is more dress up, dance and play Although we understand things get hot and steamy sometimes we discourage sex in the play areas…..kinky play is encouraged but we tend to think its more fun to tease, play and flirt & then go home to fuck than going straight for the money shot.
Q. I have a question that is not answered here. What do I do?
A. Give us a call on 07746 418276 or email us at info@subversion.club – Do not expect an answer if you call or email just as a club night is setting up or opening. Make sure you read the First Time Tips and the Rules & Etiquette before calling as your questions may be answered there!

Please note that Subversion staff  and the venues staff at any Subversion events reserve the right to refuse admission for any reason. There is an enforced fetish dress code. If you are found not to adhere to the dress code you will be asked to leave. Ticket sales are full and final. No refund will be given if admission is refused on the door or if you are asked to leave. Subversion reserves the right to change the venue, date and time of any event. Absolutely NO cameras or phone cameras allowed without an official photopass. Over 18s only.