First Time Tips

Everyone remembers their first time fetish clubbing…it can be the most wonderful, scary, exhilarating experience all rolled into one. We would suggest that if its your fisrt time out to a fetish club you try Club Subversion first.
If you are new to fetish clubbing and would like to be introduced to some people when you arrive then let us know. The people that go to Subversion are a very friendly bunch and you will find lots of people who are willing to show you the ropes (and if you are up for it you may get shown the actual ropes!)
All we ask of you is to respect the dress code and the rules and etiquette. If you would like to look at examples of fetish clothing have a look at the gallery on this site.
Many people come to fetish clubs on their own so if you are single that is fine. You do not have to be Domme or sub, it may take a while to work out where your personality fits and you may find it is a mix of both or you may just identify as a kinky person!
Finally, please note that this is a club event/party and the Mistresses, Masters and subs are all there to have a good time. Do not expect play from any of the people there. If you want to be guaranteed to have play from a Master or Mistress then please go and see a professional.

If you have any questions please speak to bobette or Mistress Absolute on the hotline 07746 418276 or email BUT Please DO NOT expect a response to an email/call/text a few hours before a club, during the club night itself or at some stupidly antisocial time.