S&M – FAQs

Q: I can no longer make it to the event can I have a refund?
A: No

Q: I can no longer make it to the event can I sell or give my ticket to someone else??
A: Tickets are non-transferable via ticketscript, however you may sell them to someone else AT YOUR OWN RISK .If you order by E-Ticket you will be emailed 1 E-Ticket for each ticket you order. Each ticket has its own individual bar code. You can then email each person in your party their own ticket. When you arrive at The Mansion your ticket will be scanned for entry. Once your ticket has been scanned it can not be used again. If you order by M-Ticket you will receive 1 M-Ticket text for each order. The text will have a unique bar code that will be scanned on entry. If you have ordered more than 1 ticket you will only receive 1 text, however if your party are not arriving together you may send them a copy of the text. Please note that once we have scanned the bar code to the total of the order of tickets, the bar code then becomes invalid. WE WILL NOT GET INVOLVED IN ANY RESALE TRANSACTIONS.

TICKETS FOR NICH’S BIRTHDAY are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable

Q: You are sold out- is there a waiting list?
A: No WE WILL NOT GET INVOLVED IN ANY RESALE TRANSACTIONS. We suggest begging to your peers on fetlife….

Q. I want to book accommodation close by – can you not tell us where the venue is?
A. Sorry no…our lips have to stay shut….but a little more help for those seeking accommodation, as some people have been asking about booking a place miles away, and we don’t want you to be led astray! It really is just a 20-minute drive from downtown Brighton/Hove – not far from the north-east edge of the city. A place in or just outside Brighton itself will do very nicely for the occasion. Brighton / Hove / Kemptown all great for short taxi ride to the venue and a walk along the coast the next morning!

Q. is it possible to camp at the subversion/spank party ?
A. No – sorry there are no camping facilities on the grounds but there are various camping sites in and around Brighton

Q.Can I leave my car in the carpark overnight?
A. No – we ask that everyone jumps in a cab there and back – its so local to Brighton a cab will only cost about £5 each for a car of 4

Q. Do I have to be a member to get in?
A.  No! – everyone is welcome as long as you are dressed in fetish gear and behave/misbehave

Q. Do I have to bring ID?
A. No but if any person that looks younger than 25 they must have positive ID. i.e. Driving license or Passport to prove they are 18+ and for Subversion Noir – if you look under 21 then be sensible and bring your ID!

Q. I am a single male. Will I get in and am I welcome?
A. As you are in dresscode and are polite and respectful….NO WANKING is allowed in the open chill out areas. Although we have resident Mistresses and subs, do not expect anyone to play. They are volunteering their time. If you want a Mistress to guarantee you play we suggest you hire a professional.

Q. I ordered my tickets and they have not arrived. What now?
A. All tickets are electronic and sent to you via email which you should print out and bring with you or sent to your mobile phone. If you can’t find your tickets click HERE to go to the ticketscript site where you can simply put in your email address and have them re-sent to your email inbox

Q. What shows up on my statement when I buy tickets over the internet?
A. Online orders will show up as Ticketscript.

Q. Can I buy a ticket on the door?
A. NO – everyone MUST have a pre-booked ticket- you will be turned away if you don’t have a ticket….and you will not get round us by name dropping someone from Spank or Subversion and we don’t care how regular an attendee at the hosts events you are/have been. All ticket sales are advance sales.

Q. Is there a guest list? // I carried xxx’s bag once at an event don’t I get guest list? // surely you have room for a little one? // I know we have not spoken for a while but I wondered if you could pop me on the list? // I am usually on the Subversion or spank guest list so I am on this one too right?
A. Quite simply – THERE IS NO GUEST LIST – We have kept the price of the tickets as low as possible so we can have as many of our lovely friends and regulars attend and experience this fabulous setting and we have done this by agreeing there is no guest list (plus we have pulled in a few favours in order to make this an affordable luxury event) – If we have any spare STAFF places we will post on FB and twitter etc so please don’t contact us asking for work (unless you are offering something that you think will add to the event that is more that a ‘walkabout in latex’)

Q. Do you have a dresscode?
A. Yes and we are strict on the dresscode. We find that if everyone makes the effort it makes for a better atmosphere and it is a MANSION PARTY so make a extra special effort. No Fetish clothing will mean you will be turned away at the door and if you manage to get in there are no refunds if you are challenged about dresscode and asked to leave. All black cotton is not acceptable

This is a fun dress up event and we love you to get creative as long as its not a bog standard ‘fancy dress’ outfit (keep it kinky) – if you are in doubt email a picture of yourself in the outfit (max@nixnet.com)

Q. Is there parking nearby?
A. Yes – there is a large car park next to the venue. It may be a little dark going to and from the carpark so you may want to bring a torch. There is a drop off point right outside the entrance to the cloakroom and changing room

Q. Can I get changed at the venue?
A. Yes

Q.Is there a cloakroom?
A. Yes there is a secure cloakroom when you arrive at £1 per item

Q. Cab I take toys in?
A. HELL YEAH! there will be lots of pieces of kit but floggers, canes and other implements of hurtiness are now supplied. We ask that you do not bring sharps or wax/fire play into the building.

Q. I have a question that is not answered here. What do I do?
A. Give us a call on 07746 418276 or email us at max@nixnet.com – Do not expect an answer if you call or email just as the night is setting up or opening. It might be an idea to read the First Time Tips and the Rules & Etiquette if this is your first time at a fetish event or if you are relatively new; obviously they are written for a regular Subversion night but the premise is the same.

Please note –Club Subversion and Spank reserves the right to refuse admission for any reason. There is an enforced fetish dress code. If you are found not to adhere to the dress code you will be asked to leave. Ticket sales are full and final. No refund will be given if admission is refused on the door or if you are asked to leave. Absolutely NO cameras or phone cameras allowed without an official photopass. Over 18s only…if you look young then bring ID!!!