Resident Mistresses, Masters, Dungeon Monitors, maids and slaves

Subversion has a wonderful crew of resident players who keep a eye on the dungeon spaces to make sure play is conducted in a safe, sane and consensual manor. The residents are also available to guide you through your first fetish club experience should you wish. If you would like a tour and to be introduced to some of our lovely guests just ask at reception when you arrive. All our resident Mistresses, Masters, DMs, maids and house slaves offer their time voluntarily and although they all love to play please don’t expect them to play with you. Should you wish to guarantee play at Subversion we suggest you arrange a playmate before you arrive.

If you see any play being conducted that you don’t think is being conducted in a safe, sane and consensual manor please find one of the residents (who all wear badges) and let them know. We suggest and request that you don’t intervene in any scenes yourself unless you feel there is an immediate threat to safety and you can’t find a resident.

Our Team:

Mistress Absolute – Head Mistress

Mistress Absolute is an internationally renowned professional and lifestyle Dominatrix. She just happens to run this event plus The London Fetish Weekend and Club Femdom. Although She looks (and can be) quite fierce rumour has it She is actually quite friendly.

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bobette – fluffer


bobette is a girly-boy, scene photographer and all round pink tart –


Dave – Playpenz

Dave PP

Dave is usually easy to spot because he has a brightly coloured Mohican. He is very approachable, even though he looks a little fierce! He is an experienced player and all of the equipment in the club is hand crafted by him.


little sarah – DM

little sarah

“Trust and safety are at the heart of whatever play you enjoy indulging; that’s worth coming for. I may be submissive but Subversion requires my firmer side and I can be found being part of the team, assisting my Master to monitor the play in the dungeon. Always willing to help – small of stature, strong of character and keeping secure your times of desire!”


Our residents include:


Master Silk

Master Silk has taken a turn heading up the Subversion DM team and is now enjoying being a regular (but highly skilled) DM. He has been on the London scene for longer than he cares to comment.  These days he mostly focuses on teaching workshops and providing tuition and mentoring for people interested in going pro-domme (occasionally for those interested in going pro-sub) along with the occasional session for couples or those with unusual or challenging  requirements.  He is always however happy to talk people and provide advice at Subversion where he can often be seen with twin floggers or a Violet Wand to hand or introducing someone to their first basic rope experience.

Mistress Ava Von Medisin

Ava VM

Provocateur of Perversion Mistress Ava Von Medisin , A subversion House Dominatrix  who is capable of great generosity ,understanding and sensuality but be warned these acts come with the parallel ability for the most perverse exploits of degradation,intense sadism and fetish eroticism.

Mistress Von Medisin mainly takes to the Subversion play area armed with her favourite weaponry. Needles ,medical staples and candles are among those favourable items. Along with sterile wipes ,medical gloves and a sharps box for clean, safe torment. Although Mistress Von Medisin demonstrates acts of cruel sadism upon her slaves that accompany her , she will delightfully indulge those who wish to experience any of her dominant prowess ….


Princess Jessika


“Do not be fooled by Princess Jessika’s pigtails and love of pink things; she is a genuine sadist who loves to hurt and humiliate her willing slaves.  Her favourite implement is the cane and she has her own unique style of domination and control.





Mistress Scarlett



Mistress Scarlet Letter is a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix. She has an interest in many aspects of BDSM, but is particularly known for Her passion for Japanese-style rope bondage. An experienced practitioner and regular at Subversion, She demonstrates a variety of floor-work and suspensions. Whilst She undertakes Her more audacious work with Her personal slave and experienced rope models, Our Female rigger-in-residence is always happy to introduce new comers to the joys of rope. Mistress is mindful of individual levels of experience and ability


the boy

the boythe boy is a 24/7 lifestyle slave and property of Mistress Scarlet Letter. He has been in the lifestyle from an early age and is an experienced rope bunny and slave. Along with his Mistress Scarlet Letter he will always be on hand to provide advice on how to be bound safely and within your limits and give you the perspective of the person being tied.

Twitter: @lifestyletheboy


Alex Cobra – Whipmaster

Alex Cobra

Alex is our caddishly friendly whipmaster who has been making, using and instructing in the art of whips since shortly after discovering the fetish scene in ’95. Of course Subversion, with its fellow enthusiasts, is the natural home for such a passion. “I love it here – a great bunch of people and usually plenty going on.”‘ – feel free to ask Alex to demonstrate his AMAZING bull whip skills on you!

Kinky Ginger – Shine boy






Mistress Mandy& slave michael


The Contessa – House Mistress

January 2014

The Contessa is strong, severe and demands nothing less than total submission to her will. She likes to indulge in the sensual side of play as well as controlling your pain, torment and humiliation. She plays with regulars, novices, couples and singles and loves the look on a newbie’s face after their first ever play as much as leaving her mark on her regular victims. You can trust her to push your boundaries and lead you astray.





Goddess Cleo – House Mistress




As a scene regular since early 2010, Goddess Cleo is both a lifestyle and Professional Dominatrix who can be either deliciously warm or seductively strict, depending on the scene.  An experienced House Mistress, she can often be found in various fetish event Dungeons around the capital and delights in introducing newbies to the wonderful world of BDSM.  She is very approachable and is often more than happy to have a chat with you about fetish and kink, although don’t interrupt when she’s playing….




Miss Kitty Bliss – House Mistress

Kitty Bliss

Sinner, Sadist, Siren. She has been referred to as the smiling Domme but don’t be fooled by her air of innocence – appearances can be so deceptive… Always happy to offer guidance and advice or indulge in play with newbies or seasoned veterans of BDSM. Are you ready to savour the deviant delights she has in store?!





Mistress Wildfire – House Mistress




Mistress Wildfire is a Dominatrix with a magnetic personality and passion for all things BDSM and fetish and she enjoys stretching the limits (and bodies) of those who attract her time and attention. A skilled and versatile Dominatrix, she relishs humiliation and discipline, loving nothing more than to explore the kinky side of life with her subs.  She has a playful and wicked disposition  and whilst she can be stern and strict, do come and say “hi” as she is always friendly and approachable and happy to talk to anyone at Subversion – be warned though, if she spot’s anything unsafe or you interrupt her in action you can expect to see the fiery side of her nature!



Mistress Thunder




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