Rules & Etiquette

    We welcome all Kinky, Queer and curious open-minded folk who like to socialise, dance and play with like-minded people in a safe, sane and consensual manner.

Subversion reserves the right to refuse entry for any reason and will remove anyone who is deemed to be dangerous or disrespectful of the guidelines as set out below.

The rules and etiquette have been set out to provide a safe, fun play environment for everyone. Please be mindful if coming from a full swap/swinging/sex club environment that this is a FETISH CLUB and the etiquette, expectations and play are sometimes very different.


All Subversion have a strict fetish dress code – NO jeans and NO t-shirts and no lame ‘fancy dress’. Please see the full ‘dress code rules for further information
Anyone found to be in street clothing or deemed to be inappropriately dressed will be refused entry or asked to leave.
No under 18s are allowed.
Masturbating is not permitted in any part of the regular Club Subversion events.
Full nudity is not allowed at Club Subversion
‘ Wanky’ men will not be tolerated.
No means NO and anyone found harassing another guest will be required to leave.
Do not interrupt a “scene” without consent of the people involved.


Do not touch anyone without clear permission to do so.
Most people play in a sub or Domme role but do not assume that guests are one or the other.
There may be guests who seem to present the opposite gender ‘identity’ to the one you immediately assume they are, or sometimes gender is so ambiguous its impossible to know. We suggest you don’t ask what gender they are, as some people may find this offensive.  There are many ‘labels’ in and out of the scene and if you are in doubt simply ask the guest you are speaking with how they like to be addressed
If you are playing on the equipment it is best to agree on a “safe word”
No means No.
If you don’t know how the equipment works ask one of the monitors.
Don’t sit on the equipment… use it!
Please be polite and respectful to everyone in the venue…unless you have agreed not to be with the person
If you think that anyone is acting inappropriately, please do tell one of the badged monitors or come and speak to Mistress Absolute or bobette. Do not intervene yourself. Our security staff are also very friendly and you can always speak to them too!
If one of our House Dommes, House Masters or Dungeon Monitors approaches you during a scene to gently ‘check in’ please don’t be offended – this may happen if you are not known to the team and you are playing hard – we prefer to be safe than sorry. If you are new and intend on playing hard publicly by all means have a chat with one of the House Dommes, House Masters or Dungeon Monitors BEFORE you play so we know its all safe, sane and consensual.


No cameras or recording devices of any kind may be brought into any Subversion event. We have official photographers who will be wearing a badge and they are required to ask your permission before taking a photograph of you. If anyone is found using any kind of camera or recording device without permission this will be confiscated and the person will be evicted from the venue.

Photos will not be taken without consent; however, photos taken by the official photographers may end up on the Subversion website, newsletters and social media and used for promotion. Do not pose for photographs unless you are happy for your picture to be used/shown. Photos/images remain the property of the individual photographer & DP Ltd  (Subversion in any form) and may not be downloaded or used by anyone else without prior written consent.